Friday, September 23, 2022

So My Neighbor's Son is Playing Running Back for the University of Virginia, Right Now - As A Freshman!


I believe I've mentioned on here before how awesome my downstairs neighbor and his sons are, but now, his oldest son is becoming a superstar - this is the Cavs second game and the second time he was put in as running back for the University of Virginia Cavaliers (against Syracuse) -  as a freshman.

The TV game commentators just described him as having "electricity!" 

Not only is he a great running-back, but he's super smart - UV ranks #25 in the US in academics, making it one of the most competitive universities in the country - and if you think it's easy to get in just because you're good at football, think again - you've got to have the GPA and college-entrance scores, too.

Aw, I saw this young man headed out in his tux with his beautiful prom date, last May.  And I bake cookies for L and all three of his sons every Christmas.  Growing up fast  :)

Go Xavier, Go Cavs!

PS - Watch also for his little brother, Evan, still in high school, but also headed for superstardom (but more likely basketball or baseball, both young men excel at all three sports) -  and who also does a great job of watering my flowers when we're on vacay! lol

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