Thursday, September 19, 2019

By Harry, It's Prince Harry the Heron, On His World Tour ;)

So, I've posted before Prince Harry the Heron, our local Great Blue Heron at the park lake (and his family), and at the time, I asked my friend in the UK if she had ever seen one there. She said she had seen similar, but they were a bit shy (Grey Heron in the UK).  

Recently, she was able to snap a pic and in a forthcoming comment, just now, I said, "By Harry, our Prince Harry has flown to the UK, to pay you a visit!" ;)

(As IF Prince Harry isn't originally from the UK;)

Cherie is a shutterbug, and a brilliant one at that - so don't mind my shabby cell phone pic in comparison - but I'm putting these up for comparison purposes because I believe there are just the slightest differences between the grey herons in the UK versus the blue herons in US, am I wrong?

I'm not sure if they are considered Blue Herons or Grey Herons, there (I think perhaps Grey Heron) - which may account for the slight differences?

Great Blue Heron, US (my cell phone pic) ...

Great Grey (or Blue?) Heron, UK (Cherie's photo) ...

It seems my Prince Harry doesn't have the spots along the neck, the black above the wing shoulder doesn't extend down as far, and the neck is thinner than Cherie's Prince Harry, yes? 

It's comforting and cool to know that some things are the same or similar, even in other parts of the world, though isn't it?  

But just enough differences to keep things interesting :)

(Although I personally love anything new and different just as much as I love old and familiar.)

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