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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Apparently, Trump Thinks This is China, And The Washington Mall is Tiananmen Square

(Updated - hehehe) $2.5 million was diverted from our National Parks' biggest day of the year, just so tanks could roll through the Washington Mall in D.C. for Trump's self-serving July 4th celebration. No news as to why - one can only guess to intimidate protesters. God bless all the Tank Men at Tiananmen Squares and Megan Rapinoes, of the world, unafraid to risk being a little inappropriate - to stand up to an even greater crazy-inappropriate - and essentially say, either by word or by deed:

"This emperor is buck naked, this inappropriateness is crazy out of control, and it needs to stop." :)
I think perhaps he enjoyed his recent stay in North Korea a bit TOO much?

Because he now thinks he's a Crazy Little Rocket Man, too - and his North Korean martial-law-esque maneuver did not go unnoticed (except with willfully-blind Trumpers).

Wake up, America - this would be your biggest "wolves-in-sheep's clothing" wake-up call yet, that the "commies" you've been so paranoid of taking over this country are actually the ones wearing Republican hats as cover lol.

At the risk of being a little inappropriate to combat a even greater inappropriate, myself - just like our founding fathers did against a tyrannical king - please allow me to now boldly say (ahem):

"Hell no, I'm not watching Tax-Evading Trump's expensive self-tribute today (that I unwittingly helped pay for, with *my* tax money?) - Trump can go F himself - twice."

"In fact, I hope someone throws a McDonald's Double-Quarter-Pounder with Cheese in front of a tank and Trump dives for it."

Hehehe :)

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