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Friday, July 26, 2019

Oh FFS, Brits, Ya Silly Copycats: Regarding Your New Trump-Fried Political Prostitute

... for all your superiority-to-America complexes, your excessive pride in tradition, and how fond of yourselves you are in general ... in the end, you now copy everything we do - to your own detriment! LOL

So ... you liked Trump so much you had to go out and find your own silly, slovenly, bumbling, populist-pandering and propagandized-panic-button-pushing, Trump-fried, spoiled-brat baby?

I mean ... THIS picture of outside of 10 Downing Street looks very proper British, not at all Americanized  ;)

Economic conservative/social liberal my arse, the man will say anything to get elected -  by the people you're the least proud of, in your country - just like Trump. 

FFS, what a transparent political prostitute - you must be so proud :)


And then of course there's THIS ... 

Whether the backstory is true or not doesn't matter, just look at him - in fact, I hope it is, for his sake - at least they give SOME explanation for why he looked like this?

Otherwise, I swear, he looks just like the creepy guy that sits by himself at Starbucks with his laptop all day, never looking up, until they kick him out at closing time. 

Wow, that's some attention to detail he has-  eh?

Hehehe - Sorry, I can't stop laughing.

One of these days, you're going to be sorry you've grown to copy our culture so much, UK, mark my words. 

Until then, perhaps come up with a fresh, new, original idea of your own, once in a while, GB?

I mean, it's been several hundred years, after all.

And just a word of caution on your rise in Nationalism and your Brexit over-fervor?

Do you really think holding on so tightly to your glory days is a good idea, and that doing so will help you find a stronger voice, more relevance, and an actual purpose, in today's modern world?

In fact, isn't your doing so precisely the reason for your stagnation and steady decline in global relevance, for the past century or so?

And to top it off, you've essentially just branded yourselves with the mark of America's biggest historical blunder to date.

Well, good luck with that ... RIP Great Bygone.

Oh, you poor sods - one can't help but feel even more sorry for you as we do for ourselves ;)

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