Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Notre Dame - Absolutely Heartbreaking :(

Always wanted to see it, now I never will :(  I've said it before, Holy Week is increasingly volatile - coincidence?  Too 'out there' to wonder if "something" - call it negative energy/evil/"the devil"/whatever - wants us to lose faith in Christ's true message of love? (NOT merciless OT law crap selfish politicians in power are peddling, slapped with a superficial Christianity sticker on top).

First, there was the parabolic wolves in sheep's clothing, saying and doing the most shocking, horrible, merciless, uncompassionate things I've ever seen in my lifetime - done in the name of Christ -  that caused many of us to question modern Christianity and little ones to stumble away from Christ.

Now, the loss of one of the Western world's most iconic houses of God - Jewish, Muslim AND Christian.   

 So, let's don't - don't let darkness win by losing faith and hope, because that's what "it" wants - and don't be fooled, though it currently hides behind a bible and a cross.

True sheep will always know their master's voice :)

Because as horrible as the above image is, do you know what Talmud/biblical story these images eventually ended up reminding me of?

Judah Maccabee, watching the flame continue to burn for eight nights, despite little oil and the temple having been destroyed in the warfare between Jews and Greeks for control of Jerusalem.

(In fact, both sides did it to themselves - their hatred, fear and zealotry for one another led to war and that result - a burning, destroyed temple.)

But let us not forget, in that story, that the flame of God continued to burn for eight days, despite little oil - despite their hatred and fear for each other, despite their zealotry, and in fact, the flame continued to burn despite all reason as well.

Proving that the God does not need a lavish, palatial structure - the temple of God is wherever God and Christ abide.

Today, of course, the war is between Christians and Muslims - but the song remains exactly the same.

"Destroy this temple, and in three days, I will rebuild it" Christ said. (John 2:19)

Of course, he wasn't referring to an actual structure, he was referring to his own death and resurrection.

We will rebuild the temple of God - maybe not in three days, maybe not an actual structure, but we will rebuild the temple of Christ the right way - hopefully having learned our lessons about hatred and zealotry by the time it's completed :)

Peace be with you :)

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