Tuesday, April 23, 2019

But A Flower Also Bloomed, on Easter Morning - Did You Even Notice?

My dear friend from the UK, Cherie -  whom I've known for 10 years (so I know that she, herself, is a beautiful flower) - shared a flower in bloom with us:  She visited Winchester Cathedral on Easter Morning, and shared a video that she made while the bells were tolling :)   I rarely comment anywhere, we chat in email - but I made an exception for this video.  My comment went to moderation because it had been so long!   Good thing, it needed editing! Thus, I rewrote it and it may go to spam, but shot her an email, so she knows.  Anyway, I'm leaving the link and a copy of my redone comment as a self-reminder: "Notice more flowers blooming when otherwise distracted" :)

Beautiful, Cherie – when I heard the bells, my first thought was the line of the Sanctus – “heaven and earth are full of your glory.”

And heaven and earth are still filled with his glory, we just have to know where to look – seems Winchester Cathedral is one of those places
Love the “Be still and know that I am God” stone pathway carvings. You know, I’ve never asked anyone, but I wonder – do you (or anyone) know if those inscription stone pathway carvings that surround churches and cathedrals have an official name? They’re not memorial stones, so would they be called inscription stones or ?
As you know, I am a Christian in worship, but I also think pearls of wisdom can be gleaned from any faith, to help us look at things from new perspectives that help us get through this life.

Thus, after the experiences last week of Notre Dame and in Sri Lanka, I was reminded of something an Indian woman of Hindu faith said to me once.

She said, “When life slaps you in the face, God answers 10,000 other prayers – but you’ll never see them answered if you stay focused only on the slap …”

“… when you plant a flower and say, ‘Oh my God, why won’t this flower bloom?’ that’s a prayer, actually. A few days later, you experience a hardship in another area of your life, and your flower suddenly blooms – you are so distracted by the “slap” hardship, will you even notice God answered your other prayer of your flower blooming?”
Erm – I’m guilty of that and often:)
It’s of course not only appropriate, but important, to grieve losses like Notre Dame, the churches in Sri Lanka, of course – and yet take time to also notice that a beautiful flower bloomed at Winchester Cathedral on Easter morning – and you shared it with us – thank you :)

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