Thursday, May 23, 2024

Trump's "Unified Reich" Video Pulled from Truth Social

 Of course Fox News and other right-wing press didn't mention this, but everyone else is - and by "everyone else," I don't mean just liberal press and late-night talk show hosts -  I mean publications that don't typically make politics their focus, like Rolling Stone, all Jewish-organization press, and even some local news outlets, who normally restrict their political news to election results or campaign visits. 

So Trump's Truth Social account posted a video that said that Trump's victory would bring a "unified Reich." 

The video was pulled after public backlash and Trump's campaign  camp later said that a staffer posted it while he was in court and didn't see the "Reich" language.

Mmm hmm.

I believe that it was a staff member on this one, that's true - because he really was in court. 

However, everyone who has ever testified about anything with Trump says that he is a micromanager - nothing is said, posted, done, or paid, without his approval and consent.

And even if that were 100% true, that tells you how lacking in detail-orientation, fact-checking, and critical-thinking skills his camp actually is before they push stuff. 

On the other hand, I have always thought if we ever did have another Hitler on our hands, they would be sneakier with the white supremacist language, dancing around the same language that Hitler used so as to not draw comparisons. 

So did they really make a mistake or just get caught?

There has been no president during my lifetime that people revere like a deity as much as Trump - as they did with Hitler.

MAGATs - at what point of dastardliness are you finally going to  wake up and realize that Trump is not your Messiah?

Hopefully soon, before it's too late. 

(Though I know some that wouldn't care about this, either, they'd cheer this on, too.)

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