Friday, May 31, 2024

Don't Forget, Trumpers ....


This was a grand-jury trial - more importantly, the jurors were preapproved by Trump's lawyers

I'm not saying that juries never get it wrong - I'm just saying that the narrative being spun that all 12 jurors were all Democrats and/or the trial was "rigged" by Democrats doesn't hold, nor does blaming the judge - the jury decides guilt or innocence, not the judge - the judge only does the sentencing.

So if you believe Trump is innocent and you want to blame  someone for the verdict, blame his lawyers - they prepapproved the jury. 

They also did a terrible job defending him.  All they had were character assassinations, which may work on social media to sway public opinion, but not in a courtroom. 

And of course, Trump's inability to stop publicly attacking the judge, the witnesses, the jurors, didn't help his case. 

Otherwise, that's all I have to say about that, because this will probably fall on deaf ears.

Because after watching a Netflix show on  the Shekinah/7M cult called "Dancing For the Devil," I realized it's not just a joke anymore - Trump supporters really do have a cult mentality, they check every box.

Thus, they will continue to believe in Trump and give him money and support, despite evidence, despite proof, despite everyone else being able to see the problem, and we know that pushing people in denial only makes them angry.

With cult mentality, nothing you say makes any difference - they won't see it until they're ready to see it. 

Former actual cult members will tell you it's usually just one thing that finally does it, one line crossed that they saw for themselves and can't make excuses for anymore, and that 'one thing' is dependent upon each individual's values. Thus, some will never see it. 

Otherwise, for the sake of transparency, I had a post I had written about a week ago, but parked it in draft for the sake of a family member. 


PS - No, it was not me that left an anonymous comment elsewhere.  I haven't commented anywhere lately, but especially not that site, not in years, and I don't leave anonymous comments.

Though I do love that verse, and have quoted it before -  "For what doth is profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul" (Mark 8:36) - that was NOT me, though I'm glad to hear that someone else gets it.

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