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Now THIS Is Becoming Interesting: Louisville Metro PD Just Arrested the World's Top Men's Golfer, Scottie Scheffler

*PS added - yes, this has, in fact, turned into the socioeconomic/political nightmare that I knew it would, at least here in Kentucky.  

Trumpers are actually trying to blame Governor Beshear now!  😂

Well, that's the name of this Trump game:  When something bad happens - even if it's the consequences from your own actions -  blame a Democrat 😂


Speaking of "tribal mentality" in the post below ... 

I actually started this post early this morning, but then had to work for a bit, then got the news we all were hoping wasn't the case about Shani (below post).

It's interesting because of the different ways people are responding to this news about Scottie - and thus, it is somewhat similar in subject matter to my post below about the assumptions we humans tend to make, based on our wrongful tribalism bias. 

Regardless, what we know thus far is that the world's top-ranked men's golfer, Scottie Scheffler, was arrested by Louisville Metro PD,  early this morning, after he attempted to drive around halted traffic - which was caused by a crash that killed a pedestrian - in order to get to Louisville's "Valhalla" Golf Club to play in the Men's PGA tournament.

We also know that he is charged with second-degree assault of a police officer, third-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving, and disregarding traffic signals (from a cop directing traffic).

What I find interesting is the different ways this is being reported from different press, as well as social media

Some are being sympathetic to Scottie, calling it a "misunderstanding" on Scottie's part, implying that LMPD assaulted him, not the other way around.  (The Athletic and ESPN  - commentators and correspondents, I'm talking to you - not the articles themselves.)

In fact, Scottie himself is now saying it was a "huge misunderstanding" and he "didn't mean" to ignore the police.

So he didn't see the police standing in the middle of the middle of the road in reflective, bright yellow jackets, nor their police car lights on, at 6:30 a.m. ???

All righty. 

If that's the case, he was that focused on the tournament, then maybe he shouldn't have been driving himself there at all?

Others are making Scottie sound entitled (social media).

Still others - like our local newspaper, the Lexington Herald Leader, and the NYT - are just reporting the facts so far (despite crediting The Athletic for first reporting the story):  Scottie drove around stopped traffic and police cars in order to get to the tournament, was arrested for it, and thus the formal charges - period.

Now - what we DO have to keep in mind here is history - remember that LMPD got international attention for police brutality and attempted coverup over the Breonna Taylor shooting.

However, I must admit that I also have a bias that I need to remove first - perhaps even an irrational disdain - for the wolf packs that come in the form of overprivileged white male American golfers. 😂

There are reasons for that which I won't go into now, but for now, but let's start with the fact that this Louisville golf club is called "Valhalla."

For those who aren't aware of Viking mythology, "Valhalla" is Viking heaven - and you can only get there after dying honorably in battle, with your sword still in your hand. 

Erm - golf isn't even a contact "battle" sport, you don't have to be physically fit to play it, and all you're doing is hitting tiny balls in small holes with little metal sticks?!? 😂

But apparently, that gets you into Louisville's Valhalla - that and  the fact that you're rich enough to afford the exorbitant country club fees - a fortune that wasn't necessarily, or even usually, obtained through hard work rather than inheritance, especially here in Kentucky.

But I digress ...

So WAS Scottie behaving like an overprivileged entitled celebrity, driving past halted traffic after a fatal car accident and assaulting a police officer?

- OR -  

Was LMPD overly aggressive and assaulted him, as is their history?

As for the actual assault, who assaulted whom - we need the body cam for that.

Otherwise, for now, I'm going with likely a little bit of both are true here.

But I tell you what we are NOT going to do, is automatically assume that Scottie was an innocent little white celebrity,  just minding his own business, when cops attacked him for no reason.

Because did you all do the same for Breonna Taylor - who really was just innocent, minding her business in her own apartment - when LMPD raided her home and shot her in her bed sleeping, over a mistaken identity?

No, you did not - and WHY not?

Also, you know dang well that if this was anyone else who wasn't a rich, famous athlete, they definitely wouldn't be out just an hour later, just to play in a golf tournament - particularly if black.

And that is the problem in America - we assume that rich white male men are innocent and "misunderstood" the laws rather than broke them.

Thus, though I'm still gonna hold on who assaulted whom -  I'm NOT going to automatically assume innocence, either, just because he's a famous, rich, white golfer and we're dealing with the LMPD.

At the very least, Scottie needs to own his shit on what he DID do, regardless of whether he saw the cop or not - which is try to drive around halted traffic to get to his precious tournament, as if he, and where he is going - is more important than everyone else.

Well, he did finally get to Valhalla, but not through the honor of battle 😂 - and I don't know how heavenish it's going to be for him today, after that, in addition to pouring rain.

How much better would this story have turned out if he had just respected the traffic halt due to a fatal car accident, instead of driving around it to get to that tournament?

Then, instead of an entitled a-hole, he'd be a selfless human being for having respected the fact that there had been a fatal accident and waited his turn, like everyone else - but he didn't. 


PS - Yep, this has turned into the socioeconomic/political nightmare that I predicted, especially here in Kentucky.

GOP golf fans are now trying to blame our (Democrat) governor, Andy Beshear for Scottie's "poor treatment."


What the heck did the governor have to do with any of this? 

That's hilarious - and sad.  

When anything bad happens, blame (scapegoat) a Democrat.

Oh, yeah  - Governor Beshear totally caused a fatal car accident to prevent Scottie Scheffler - who no one knew was a Republican until now (but we could've guessed) - to sabotage him in the tournament.

Y'all know that's ... completely insane, right?

No - again, if your boy had followed the rules, like everyone else, instead of trying to drive around police at the site of a fatal accident to get to a golf tournament, then none of this would've happened!

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