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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Proud of You, BB ...Keep Going :)

So, I'm already emotional today, over my dog (see below post, if I haven't removed it yet) - but my husband, Mark, thought I needed some good news  - thus forgive me if I'm perhaps overly joyful with this news lol. 

Well, not really, because I'd still be happy over it, but you know how when you're feeling sad and something good happens to someone you like, and it makes you feel at least a little less sad? :)

So, some may recall that I mentioned a "young man" in a previous post (I won't link it to now, with such great news) - this young man was a former intern for my husband while in high school - the son of a coworker at FCPS.  

We love his mom, but him  being her son was actually a knock against him at first, when my husband was selecting interns, because he didn't want to choose based on connections alone.  

However, B blew him away on his own right - he had the grades, the skills, the work ethic, and the references, and he interviewed like a pro at 16 years old :)

He was the only one of the 3 interns that showed up every day, early in fact - rain or shine, did whatever he was asked to do instead of playing video games, and solved IT problems on his own right.  B was/is special and we saw it, even at 16 :)

When he comes back from college for the summer, he still interns for IT central office at FCPS and everyone just adores him - and my husband has given him career advice (which is always much easier to do in hindsight, isn't it? What pitfalls to avoid, etc. lol) - so he and my husband are fairly tight, my husband was like mentor/uncle to him.  In fact, B helped us move, a few years ago, come to think of it :) 

So BB, if you ever get bored or homesick and read here, again ... 
According to your mother, I understand you were accepted into the prestigious program you wanted (we knew you would)... 
... AND a well-known social media agency picked up sponsorship for your white paper research on Russian bots and want to publish it? 
 ...AND you were one of 3 Ohio college students who were invited (at the last minute) to the DNC Dem debate, last week, in Ohio?
... AND at that debate, one particular well-known candidate (don't worry, won't say her name) sought you out and said, "I've heard good things about you?" and you have pictures with all of them?
What? WHAT?  That's crazy!  In the best of ways! 
Oh my gosh, we couldn't be happier for you - everyone at FCPS is so proud of you! (Yes, even Trump Republicans.) 
See?  Didn't we tell you "ghost" girl was a blip on the screen of your life, to focus on your studies and career - at this rate, in a few years, she'll be kicking herself, you wait and see ;) 
I also understand you now have 2 choices - politics or law enforcement.  You didn't ask, but maybe the latter, then the former? Build a rep first, then run?   
Whatever you do, I know you have a big heart AND a big brain - don't EVER lose that balance.  
You're gonna see a lot of things, in this world, you'd probably rather not see - don't let them jade you, any more than you ended up letting "ghost girl" jade you. 
Name the price you'll pay for the life you want, and don't go 1 moral step past it - your integrity is never worth what you may be asked to do, to obtain it.  
PS - Again, in a few years, when you finish your program, I'd be proud to put in a good word for you with my daughter lol - but that's still a few years off - because right now, both of you have too many things to accomplish first :)  
 Mark and Me.

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