Sunday, October 13, 2019

My Squirrel Buddy, Gibbley ...

So, this is my little squirrel buddy, Gibbley, who comes every day for a small share of the sunflower seeds with this birds at 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. sharp - I took this picture literally as close to her as the picture looks  :)

It took about a month for us to get to this point, though - she knows I won't try to catch or touch her, just feed her :)

She began visiting each day in late July, when we discovered she was trying to feed her babies in the tree, and she discovered that I left sunflower seeds out for the birds every day:)  

She's an unusually very considerate squirrel - she eats only her  small share in the corner, right along side the birds - she doesn't chase them off and they don't chase her off :)

Sometimes, she'll even lay on her belly for a while in the sun after she's full - however, I only got 3 pics this morning because Brookie noticed her and barked and she climbed up to the roof again until I quieted Brookie, then climbed back down and I went inside to let her eat quietly ;)

If I'm busy with work and all the morning seeds are gone, she'll sit on the deck balcony on her haunches and look at me through the big picture window and patiently wait until I come out :)

If I'm already outside, sitting under the covered portion of my balcony, she'll peek down at me from the roof or the hook in the gutter drain pipe  - upside down - as if to say, "Hi, I'm here - is now a good time for a visit?"

Then I greet her, so she knows it's okay  - then she'll climb down fully and sit on the balcony and I go inside to get her seeds :)

In fact, now, she lets me walk right up to her and put the seeds out if the birds have eaten them all - but only me for some reason - not my husband, not Snuggy Pug, and definitely not Brookie - who believe me, takes an active interest in what Gibbley is doing outside ... this is her having quieted and just watching Gibbley in Sheltie shepherdess pose ;)

I actually have two that come visit - Gibbley with a fluffy tail, and Twitch - who has a thinner tail, doesn't come as often, and twitch is a little bit more skittish and twitchy-tailed than Gibbley (thus the name). 

Not really sure why I named her Gibbley, probably because I wasn't sure if she was male or female at first (she's a mama, feeding her babies), but always said, "Good morning, have you come for your little share of gibblets for you and your babies?"

She likes me to talk to her/greet her - in fact, she won't begin eatin the seeds until I say, "Good morning, Gibbley.  How are you today, darling? You may have those seeds, go on, darling, they're for you, it's okay. we won't hurt you." :)

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