Wednesday, February 20, 2019

My First Post in a long time...from Mark

I am looking at Chrystal's blog stats and decided it is time. Guess what....I can see you...I know who you are by name...there is no anonymity at this site...and I know what you're up to be you eh?  I know the history of each and every one of you and how totally mental you really are...and not just from my wife. I am shocked any of you are still alive knowing what I know.

It's always the same story ... the problem that you ...or anyone... ever has with my wife is always the same story ... either she held up a mirror to your pointing finger or she stood up to you ... usually not on behalf of herself,   but for the others you were hurting ... and you couldn't handle it.  You love her directness and boldness to speak truth ... until it's about YOU, eh?

Then she gave you chances to turn it around and do the right thing, but you didn't.....and in my opinion she was direct...but still too nice.

Being a Detroiter, I wish she had done what I would have told you all from the beginning and what you should have been told a long time ago, and I wish we were face to face so I could tell you now.. ...FUCK OFF AND DIE.


  1. What a lovely post, how nice honey ?!? lol. I really have nothing to add. Maybe, oh, ever. I wish I could change who I am and not speak up for the underdogs of the world, I've tried, but I can't. Gets me in trouble every time. I am tired of crazy people abusing their power in society over other people, just because they can. Wrong is wrong. And they know it's wrong. And as I've always said, I'd rather sleep in a cardboard box with a clear conscience than need pills to sleep in a mansion with a dirty one. Thank God I don't have to, anymore lol. Love you.

  2. PS - I think I entered just in time, you were just about to add the Joe Louis fist and some more expletives and threatening-sounding things, but that may be a bit much ;) Oh, I edited a couple of typos, but otherwise didn't change a word, you've wanted to say that for a long time to some people. Have at it, but don't physically hurt anyone please lol. And thank you :)


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