Tuesday, March 12, 2019

My Claim to Fame: The Six Million Dollar Taught Me How to Sled - In a Garbage Can Lid ;)

Once upon a time, Lee Majors pushed me down the hill, in the snow, in a makeshift sled of garbage can lid lol.  No, seriously. I don't remember it because I was 2 years old, but true story.  No one has any pictures of it, but this family story is corroborated by just about everybody.   Allow me to explain :)

I'm almost finished parking all my old posts in drafts, but in the meantime, an absurd but true story.  (Do I have any other kind?) :)

So, yesterday, a friend from Mark's work drove us somewhere due to car trouble (Thank you, B!) and I asked where he was from originally.  He said "Middlesboro, Kentucky" - which is fairly close to where my dad grew up (Harlan, Ky).

This reminded me of my Dad's best friend from college at EKU - Harvey Lee Yeary - better known as Lee Majors - better known as "The Six Million Dollar Man" - who is also from Middlesboro, Kentucky.

In 1970, right before he skyrocketed to TV fame, he visited us in Cincinnati and apparently, he and my Dad wanted to show us how you went sledding "old school and mountain poor." Thus we tossed our fancy new sleds and Lee and my dad pushed my sister and I down the hill - in garbage can lids lol.

God, I wish I remembered that.  Not only because it was Lee Majors, because this momentous occasion reminded me my Dad actually fun once. 

Anyway, thank you, Six Million Dollar Man, for teaching me how to rock it old school in the snow :)

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