Wednesday, February 6, 2019

PS - Yes, My Husband Knows About My Celebrity Other Husbands; In Fact, Here's His Celebrity Other Wives ;)

(Update, 11/7//2021 - in light of Aaron's falsely entitled, cuckoo rant about vaccinations and "the woke mob," I've changed my mind - I'm totally betting against Aaron Rodgers and filed a fantasy divorce from him as one of my fantasy co-husbands ;)

In fact, he has his own celebrity "other wives:" Aishwarya Rai Bachchan  - though he can never remember her name: "That girl from Bride and Prejudice," but many consider her the most beautiful woman in the world), Megan Fox, Michelle Yeoh, Angelina Jolie, Kate Beckinsale, Olivia Munn, Lucy Liu, Holly Hunter - I know that last one seems weird in the mix, but he likes her spitfire Southern-liberal personality ) lol - Plus he loves "The Last Kingdom" more than me!

I get it and I approve.  I also was trying to find the common thread between his crushes?

In case you don't know they all are, here they are, in his order  ...

 Aishwarya Rai  Bachchcan (age 46)

Michelle Yeoh (age 56) from "Tomorrow Never Dies" but he thinks she's sexier older, especially in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (Though she normally plays noble characters, more recently you can see her as the MIL from hell,  in "Crazy Rich Asians")

Angelina Jolie (age 43)

Megan Fox (age 36)

Olivia Munn  (age 38)

Kate Beckingsale (age 45)

Lucy Liu  (age 50)

Speaking of sexy older women, he likes   Holly Hunter - who believe it or not is 60 YEARS OLD.

The common thread? 

Besides the obvious - he prefers brunettes - all I can find is that they are all well-educated/intelligent and outspoken - and although all very feminine with slight builds, they can be (reluctant) bad-asses, verbally or physically - but only when pushed?

 (Well, we don't know about Megan Fox as far as intelligence, but she can be outspoken and a bad ass - but she doesn't even need those other things, I mean, look at her - she's absolutely stunning ...)

Megan Fox (is the youngest in his "other wives" group at age 36)
...  so I shall try to aspire to be more like his dream girls in attitude (since I'm never gonna compare looks-wise) lol.

As for mine, see if you can guess the common thread?

In addition to Alexander Dreymon from "The Last Kingdom" ...

My real husband knows that Sting is my musical husband ...

Stephen Colbert is my comedian husband ...

Aaron Rodgers is my sports husband (though not a football fan, I dig him as a person and athlete) ...

...  and Anthony Bourdain was my food critic/author celebrity crush (RIP, Tony, we still miss you) ...

... and Mark approves of them (except he's iffy on Sting) -  so he just laughs at me and shakes his head. He knows I am totally committed to him and love him, it's just for fun :)

What are the common threads in mine, can you guess? :)

All of my celebrity crushes are super smart, slightly edgy, spiritual/deep thinkers (not sure about Bourdain on the spirituality part, but he was searching/trying), as well as nature  and animal lovers 

(Yes, even "pretty boy" Alex - he speaks 3 languages fluently and passed the MCAT to be a doctor, but changed his mind and became and actor.)

I think there's an intensity in the eyes that give away intelligence/deep thinkers, in both of our crushes - in fact, right after I typed that, my husband came home for lunch and said that's  what he thought the common thread was - interesting, huh?

And I like the hypersmart warrior with the spiritual soul of a poet types :)

Check, check, check and check - my husband's got it all :)

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