Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Sign Me Up ... x3? 😉😂

So these were sent to me privately, over this situation, to either encourage me or make me laugh.   😂

First, was this is the proposed legislation from California that will protect actors and artists from using their voice likeness without their permission, being voted on soon.

Just one problem - I'm not an celebrity or even an actor, I'm a transcriptionist -  and this isn't California.

HOWEVER - I did not sign the separate voice-talent contract they have for voice actors because I was not hired as voice talent, I was hired as an audio transcriptionist - and promised if in the "far fetched" event that a client were to choose my voice over contracted voice talent, one would be presented to me - but it wasn't.

Thus, there was no permission at all, to use my voice with AI scripts as the voice of an actual product,  just on an internal demo presentation - and voice as has yet to be defined as "property," intellectual or otherwise, anyway - but at some point, the courts will have to define just whose property that is - do they really want the courts to decide that for them?

And yet still, it's in the works legislatively, so we shall see if a precedent is set - and how much my former company is prepared for that coming legislation, which I don't think my former supervisor even thought or cared about when he made these reckless decisions. 

Secondly, I was sent the below video, because in addition to the multitude of horrifying things Mr. Sleaze Ball Supervisor said, he also said he he "didn't have a heart/empathy for humans" several times, that he loved UFC fighting (which is fine, but not in the workplace), that "people here are almost too nice, we could use some bullying," and that bullying is evidence of "survival of the fittest."

Yeah - people who believe in Social Darwinism are usually the Tonya Hardings of the world. 

In other words, the weakest, worst representatives of our species, born without hearts - who know they couldn't otherwise win on their own merit, often cheat the best of our species -  not over survival, but over a few extra bucks, a gold medal, or 15 minutes of fame - which disproves Social Darwinism entirely.

The difference is,  Tonya just got caught - but there are many Tonya Hardings in our society that haven't yet.

Regardless, though I don't condone violence, THIS was fun to think about, with Mr. "Survival of the Fittest"  - who wouldn't last five minutes in an actual UFC ring with, oh, say a Muy-Thai trained former Army Ranger. 😉

But that will never happen, so no worries. 😊

I do not condone violence, except in true physical attack scenarios - and yet this was very satisfying fantasy 😂 

This is not an actual event, by the way - it was a promo ad for a Russian martial arts studio.

Since the above video can only be viewed on YouTube,  since it's age restricted, here's another clip of it, only shortened (so it misses the part where he almost hits her with his car while she's crossing the street first, gets out and blames and pushes her) ...

As I said, only in self-defense from actual physical threat.

And I discovered years ago, with physical threats - I'm a kicker, not a hitter.

Like that time, during a verbal argument, that my toxic older sister literally tried to choke me at Christmas 2000.  We were both adults, mind you - I was 32, she was 37.

So  I put up my hands above my head, to prove I hadn't and wasn't touching her, then said to her husband, my little sister, and my grandmother "Get her off me or she's going down." 

No one moved, everyone just stood there, stunned. So I kicked her in both kneecaps and down she went, crying "Look what she did to me - wahwahwah."

Bitch, you literally tried to strangle me during an argument, without  any physical provocation -  and I did warn you.  Did you think I was just going to let you, Princess Karen?😂

We were arguing, yes, but she lunged at me with her hands around my throat, pinning me to the wall.

(This is one of the many reasons why I haven't talked to the toxic dumpster fire that is my older sister in 17 years.)

That kicking also came into play later, too, with someone trying to lock me somewhere, when trying to escape, it saved my life - but that's another tale.  It suffices to say, I had/have a very strong high kick - and it straight to the face, and then other leg to the groin immediately afterwards.

And lastly, I suddenly have a bevvy of attorneys calling me after a few people encouraged me to at least ownership of my own voice back - big-named ones, because this is a hot-button issue, right now..

Sign me up x3? 😂

Well, I think I'm too emotionally close to the situation still to make that decision, right now, and my intent was to quit so I wouldn't have to put myself through the circus.

Regardless, my old boss already had a project ready for me to start on, so all's well that ends well 😂

An ethical boss who doesn't think fighting and bullying is fun entertainment, and values both my work and me as a person, and vice versa, is invaluable to me, worth the loss of income.

Life has enough drama, but some people want more - and if you say anything about it, you're creating drama lol.  Best to just walk away and let them.

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