Thursday, January 4, 2024

On AI and Ethics ...


This morning, someone made the argument to me that "There is nothing inherently malicious about AI itself."  

True.  In fact, AI has no inherent ethics at all, it's not capable.  Thus,  the ethics of AI are only as good as the ethics of person in charge of how the AI will be used.

Well, this is a person I love (not my husband) who does AI for a living lol

Menial labor like me has had to up with lots of things in the workplace just to keep a job.  

But now, they can now use my voice with AI to say whatever they like for a product that I didn't endorse and God knows what - gleaned under false pretense and without my permission or compensation.

No one should be okay with that.

If my name was Donald Trump or Joe Biden, using my voice sample - obtained under false pretense - to sell a product without their permission or compensation would be a travesty - but because I'm a low-level secretary, it's not?

It should matter more - because the voices and votes of women. low-level employees, and other vulnerable and poorer groups are all we  have!

As I've said, I've put up with a ton of crap in the workplace and life in general, turning down hopping on a family lawsuit just recently.  

I could've sued over lots of things previously, in the workplace and life in general, but I didn't so as not to cause too much trouble, plus I was poor. You do lots of things when poor that rich, entitled people would never do.

HOWEVER - this is my actual voice.

Now, I'm suddenly a Karen because I say "This is my actual voice obtained without permission or compensation, used to sell a product and say whatever they like, and my hours and job were threatened when I politely questioned it!  NO MORE!" ... ???

I don't want money - I don't even want a lawsuit unless absolutely necessary.

All I want is the voice file destroyed and not further used for profit, - AND - for them to take this seriously enough to implement an ethics policy regarding AI ...

... particularly protecting their lower-level employees' literal voices to say whatever they like - just so they don't have to pay their contracted voice actors.

Legislation on this IS coming eventually - might as well have your ducks in a row now - and ounce or prevention is worth a pound of cure.


PS - Look, I know I don't deserve much in life.  In fact, I usually blame myself first and apologize, even when perhaps I shouldn't.  

So I don't become easily outraged.  I've been told by people that I'm one of the kindest, most fair-minded, easygoing, level-headed, even-tempered people they've ever met (except too hard on myself). 

So when one of those same people now tells me that my outrage is too much, I listen (and it's not Mark, but it is someone I love and respect). 

So what is clear, is that when I've finally had enough and do become outraged - even if righteous outrage - it's too much for people - particularly men.  

Not my husband, mind you - but it does seem particularly to be men, yes - but not exclusively men.

Thus, I am taking time out from all communication to self-examine and gain insight, trying to learn how and when are the right circumstances to stand up for myself and still be able to handle the backlash of doing so.

At present, it seems my approach doesn't matter, even when I do stand up for myself and say, "I'm sorry if I misunderstood, but is this what's going on?" - even with my voice shaking, with sugar on top -  it never works out for me.  But I should know better than to get frustrated to the point where I'm now just saying  "WTF???" to people lol

I don't know if I can stop standing up for other people who can't speak up for themselves, that's just my nature.

But as for me, I think I just need to go back to taking the shit and eating it without so much as a blink and never saying a word and being the fair-minded, level-headed person I am and everyone expects me to be, at all times. 

Because anything else - even if what was done was severe, even criminal  - even if it's after months, even years of BS - me becoming outraged with anything at all is unacceptable.  

It seems everyone else, even women, can actually throw fits, etc.  - but for me, there is only one way that's acceptable for me to be - the fair-minded, easygoing, level-headed, kindness advocate they regularly see from me - nothing else is allowed. 

I'll figure it out.  Until then, best to all.


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