Friday, August 16, 2019

Oh Thank God, A Rom Com that Makes Us Laugh Out Loud Again. I Mean, It's Been Years ...

(*PS added) So, I was about to say RIP, Rom Coms that are actually worth watching - and by that, I don't mean OTT, implausible, feel-good rom-coms, I mean realistic rom-coms  that both men and women enjoy and aren't OTT.  Gone forever are the days of "When Harry Met Sally," in favor of superhero movies, right?   

Seriously, Hollywood - I realize superhero movies are the only thing this divided nation agrees upon, right now, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  

I mean, I never thought I'd say this, but ... I can't even keep my Super-Chrises straight anymore, Pine, Hemsworth, Evans, or Pratt? lol.

In fact, though I smiled often at "The Big Sick" in 2017...

I think even the last regular comedy I laughed out loud at, and was willing to watch more than once, was 2015's "Spy" with Melissa McCarthy.

However, hold up on that death of Rom-Coms that are actually laugh-out-loud funny and willing-to-watch again-immediately thing ...

... because on my day off, on a break from house-cleaning, I just watched the first Rom-Com I've seen in a very long time that made me laugh out loud, several times - and it's Netflix.  

That's right, I said Netflix - though fast replacing the box office for quality - Netflix is mostly known for good and gritty - not good and pretty.

However, they somehow actually managed to to pull off a clever, witty Rom-Com that both men and women can enjoy.  Not exactly When Harry Met Sally, but close :)

It's essentially When Harry Met Sally, but with a fresh Asian-American take.  As Cosmo puts it ...

There was only one OTT moment towards the end, that made me roll my eyes (except his "proposal" made me laugh) - but the very, very end makes up for it (SPOILER ALERT:  She, as a celebrity chef, surprises him by opening a homespun authentic Korean restaurant featuring his mother's authentic Korean recipes, named after his mother).  

Now,  that's real - and much better and more meaningful than melodramatic, rain-soaked, public declarations of love in front of God and everybody, isn't it?

In fact, I usually don't tear up at Rom Coms, and I definitely didn't during his public declaration, but I DID tear up at her restaurant-honoring his mother bit.)

Speaking of both surprises and the melodramatic, Keanu Reeves suddenly showing up as Sasha's momentary love interest  -  was a total surprise.

The appearance of the A-list actor on a Netflix show, as Marcus' competition, made me laugh out loud - playing a weird, melodramatic, phony, self-obsessed caricature of himself, poking fun of both himself and the high-falutin' world of the privileged elite (including digs at weird, tiny, soul-less food dishes that leave you hungry and Balenciaga). 

This is just the beginning of the whole bit with Keanu, I don't want to give away the whole bit - just the prelude to an even more absurd and ridiculous bit, which was absolutely hilarious, culminating in Marcus punching Keanu in the face lol

Whaaaaaa? :)

Who knew Keanu was funny? 

Well, not THAT funny, and we're more laughing at him than with him, but he doesn't have to be funny OR a good actor.  (In fact, he nearly ruined one of my favorite movies, Dangerous Liasions, but I forgave him) - because just look at him.  He got that Chinese/Hawaiian/British-Canadian mix thing, going on, that has driven us girls wild for decades.

So nope, no spoiler clips for the best parts - because you know how trailers show you the best parts of the movie, so when you see it, you're like, "I ... should've stayed at home and and watched the trailer again, for free, while trimming my toenails?"

Not so, with this one.  Like I said, not exactly "When Harry Met Sally," good, but still worth a watch - and enough to make me to wish I was Asian now? lol. 

AND my pug loved the soundtrack.  

How can I tell?

True, he's lost the ability to walk now - BUT - when he hears music he likes, he lifts his head, looks towards the TV or laptop, then at me, and wags his tail  - which is my cue to pick him up and either dance around with him or sit him on my lap and bounce him to the beat - and he wags his tail and makes his pug smile face - then promptly falls asleep lol.

No, no, this is good, that means he digs it  - anything that makes my sweet old pug happy and relaxed is a good thing (and people too) :)

He sort of looks like this ... to include digging the beat and eventually falling asleep lol ...

The movie even met my pug's approval, two paws up!

PS - Rewatched this movie with my husband, without telling him about Keanu's surprise appearance (he loves Keanu for 3 different reasons than I do, in the form of action movies: The MatrixJohn Wick, and Point Break).  

He, like me (and the people in the movie) also exclaimed "Oh my God - that's Keanu! Haha! That's F-ing hilarious" lol

 He said he hadn't laughed that hard at a movie in a long time; in fact, we watched it a third time at his request for what he missed (it moves fast).  

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