Saturday, June 1, 2019

Email Address Change: Multiple PayPal Accounts Hacked Through A Specific Former Employer

Last night, a contract company (that I still occasionally pick up work for) emailed us that several contractors didn't receive their pay.  The email stated the hack was internal - someone used our contractor company and email passwords to get into Paypal accounts and take contractor pay.  I was NOT affected, but have my suspicions as to who's" internally" responsible.  Several of us reported some pretty creepy privacy/security issues last fall, but were ignored.  Of course they're now trying to pin things on anyone who stood up to them or reported it to management - it's called retaliation - Duh?

Regardless, I've asked the company to close my account permanently and I'm changing my personal email address for security reasons - I've seen enough at this company.

Here's the bounce-back email you'll receive when writing to my current email address.  If you are not this company, but would like my new email address, contact me via phone or through this email and I'll send the new one to you :) ...

As stated in my email, due to your email, last night, stating the discovery that several of your freelancers' Paypal accounts were hacked and thus did not get paid, last week (interestingly using XXXX passwords and emails) -  as well as prior experience on your company forum in November -  I wish to have my XXXX work account permanently closed after receiving my pay on Monday. 

Several of us warned you repeatedly about certain individuals potentially becoming a liability for XXX, but we were ignored, and now here we are - people's accounts are being hacked and not receiving pay.

No more chances, I'm sorry.  You should've done something before now.  No hard feelings, but XXXX is clearly not a safe place to work.

Please delete my work account and do not send me any further correspondence.


Chrystal Chaplow

PS - I think after the Virginia Beach shootings of coworkers, and our pay being  hacked by someone internally at a contract company I still intermittently work for, I've seen enough - especially  online - I'm hibernating like Rip Van Winkle for the next 20 years lol.

No social media, no work forums - nothing.

(No worries, I contract for another company most days who are super cool :)

The world is getting a crazier, angrier, meaner, and more dangerous place and it's on both sides of politics - and most of the people acting innocent are the very ones responsible, so everyone's so shocked when they discover it's them :/

Though it may feel safe because you're in your home, even at work,  it isn't safe for anyone.

Please stop blaming the victims for crimes like these, assuming they brought hacks, crime, violence and bullying, online or real life, on themselves - and please be aware of retaliation behavior towards those who tried to report these things to management or authorities!  

(Reporting a crime to management or authorities doesn't make them deserving of false accusations, hacks, crime, violence, or bullying either.)

I was lucky this time, I wasn't affected, but some fellow coworkers were.

But this happens by the thousands to people, every day - and companies ignoring reports about certain others creepily violating privacy/security issues certainly isn't going to magically make those problems go away.

In fact, if they're allowed to remain in the work environment without consequence, not only will they get worse, but of course they'll try to pin their own misdeeds on anyone who reported them, to retaliate!

You cannot teach or train grown adults in ethics and integrity - by adulthood, you either have ethics and integrity or you don't.

All you are doing with such "training" as a consequences is teaching them how to better hide unethical, even criminal, behavior.

Just because you haven't been bullied, hacked or even shot doesn't make you a smarter, more diplomatic, tougher or a better person - you're just incredibly lucky.

Take care all

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