Friday, March 17, 2023

So ... Why Aren't We Members of the ICC?

So most first-world, major-player countries are a part of the International Criminal Court (who just pronounced Putin a war criminal)  -  EXCEPT - China, Russia, India, several Middle Eastern Countries - and us, the United States of America. 


Okay, so all of those countries have a history of not playing by the Geneva Convention rules - so what are the optics of NOT being a part of that, and what does that say about us?

I'll leave that question for you to answer yourselves ;)

Also, the Justice Department just announced they are investigating the owner of TikTok for possible spying on American citizens. 

Of course, it's no coincidence that both of these things happen on the  same day that President Xi is meeting with Putin.

I doubt that either Xi or Putin are shaking in their boots over these things, and yet still, I support and applaud both decisions :)

Because authoritarianism - regardless of politically left or right - has no place in modern, civilized societies that truly value all human life.

Historically, authoritarian-style regimes have repeatedly proven that not only do they always lead to even greater disparity between the rich oligarchy and the poor, but they also always lead to either genocide or politically-motivated mass murder even of those within the same race, ethnic group or citizenship status who oppose them politically -  all performed by the government itself - always.

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