Friday, December 16, 2022

So You're All Getting These For Christmas ... ;)

Trump's newly announced official NFT digital trading cards ... 


You're welcome! 


Of COURSE, I'm kidding.  

I mean, look at them ... hahahaha!  


So Trump's "major announcement" yesterday - which he's hyped all week -  was to hock NFT digital trading cards of himself as a superhero?!?

In his commercial, he literally says that he's better than Lincoln, better than Washington.


Instead, he is now literally just one step away from openly being the snake oil salesman con man we liberals always knew him to be from the beginning.

I would say that his followers will eat this sh*t up, except for the fact that most of them are over 65 and don't even know what an NFT is and would prefer something physical to collect?  

And crypto currency is collapsing?   Hello?

Well, they may reverse-mortgage their homes to buy them anyway and never use them, because they're that brainwashed, poor things.

No wonder he went bankrupt 4 times. 

Stay tuned for #5 - because he's clearly running out of money, if he's resorting to peddling this crap. 

$99!  What a sweet deal! ;)

Well, somebody's gotta pay his legal fees ... might as well be senior citizens on a pension!

I would say SNL will have a field day with this, but it's already its own SNL parody lol.

I love the Superman x-ray eyes one, that's hysterical, but I think Maverick the fighter pilot is actually my favorite - the man never served a day in his life - and whose body did they put Trump's bloated fat face on, for any of these?

Oh my God, even Tom Cruise with his ego -  who actually played Maverick - isn't narcissistic enough to do something like this, sell digital trading cards of himself as various heroes and superheroes.

And I'm SURE this is what Jesus would do and condone, isn't it, fellow Christians? 

Jesus would mos def hock trading cards of himself as a superhero, right? ;)


And when I'm not laughing, I'm cringing from embarrassment as an American.

Thus, I'm moving to Spain, y'all - bye! ;)


PS - Op, they sold out.  Sorry, friends and family - I know how much you wanted these hehehe ;) 

Welp, if you're the children of senior citizens on fixed incomes who liquified assets or took out reverse mortgages to buy his sh*t and finance his campaign, guess who gets no inheritance later and might even have to pay for it later (reverse mortgages) with interest? 

YOU.  Hooray!

I'm pretty sure this isn't going to be enough to cover his legal fund, though.  

Stay tuned for the snake oil next.  Or bankruptcy lol.

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