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Monday, August 8, 2016

Wedding Photos: St. Simons Island, Georgia/Gatlinburg, Tennessee :)

Due to some unexpected events (to include eating some bad crab cakes eggs benedict), we were married in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in the Smoky Mountains rather than St. Simons - but both were beautiful!

I'll be added photos as we go along - most of these are cell phone pics and only a few, just yet, are with our Canon :)

First things first, the wedding ceremony at Ivy Rose Wedding Chapel in Gatlinburg, Tennessee :)

As the chapel pastor took the photos, he asked us to lay our (meantime) celtic-knot rings side by side to form the "god number" of 8 or the google symbol - two closed circles now bonded together at the center by god to create infinite, intertwined love, one circle now leading back to the other :)

...  I now pronounce us Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Chrystal Chaplow :)

Wedding Toast at the Cherokee Grill, Gatlinburg, TN...

Early morning black bear "hunt"/smoky-mountain drive :)

(We were looking for black bears, but so our hotel neighbors told us, we would've been better off hanging around the hotel at dusk to see one - "Ruxpin" comes at dusk and dawn to raid the trash bins :)

This next photo needs a little explanation - we had stopped at the North Carolina Welcome Center on the way down, when this little guy, a Carolina Wren, hit the glass window to the gift shop :( Lying on his back, he was stunned for a minute until the gift shop attendant (lady whose foot is in the photo) and I massaged her  a bit, then turned her upright and protected her from wandering dogs until she felt better enough to fly away :)

Sleepy little Gatlinburg in the early morning...

But don't let it fool you - this is what it looks like at night!

Earlier this week, at St. Simons Island, Georgia...

Snuggy and Brookie's first time in the ocean! :) (Brookie wasn't having it, Snuggy loved it:) )

The view from our room... 

St. Simons is a beautiful, spanish colonial/american gothic/greek revival/italianate, spanish-moss covered, sleepy little beach town :)

The salt marshlands...

No makeup, beach hair, don't care....:)

Snuggy is HIS beach hat - pug pirate!

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